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Global Business Development Alliance

About Us

Global Business Development Alliance (GBDA) arose from the need to create local representation in a lasting bond to assist prospective customers in their business continuity and growth strategies.

In this GBDA facilitates and contributes to business development consulting services; experts in building long-lasting value for a company from clients, markets and partnerships.

We are a prominent platform of independent individual business development consultants and small boutique business development consulting companies (less than 5 employees);
• selected, based on a proven track record in business development services.

Enterprising business development consultants whose ultimate goal is to deliver tangible results – transparent, focused and pragmatic – ever serving in close consultation with and in respect for the customer. Reliable and committed, clever low-cost and creative methods and always directed to deliver added value.
In short;
• appropriate, economic BD contracting solutions.

Self-employed seasoned business development consultants, specialized areas of expertise and skills for practical solutions;
• direct personal contact,
• flexible deployment and
• instant sharing their years of expertise in relevant discipline and industry.

Our associated consultants, can be contacted (and contracted) directly through the simple selection tool on this website:
• find / contact business development consultants
We assume that potential clients are able to select and contract the most capable expert, but if support is required just contact us. We are delighted to assist.

By the Global Business Development Alliance network a collaboration, our members offer – while maintaining its own identity and culture – the benefits of normally reserved for larger Business Development consulting firms;
• global coverage,
• complementary services and specialists, and if desired
• mobilizing teams.

Furthermore, we offer the possibility to execute projects under the responsibility and coordination of our principal regional consultants.
• supervision of large projects (optional)

Other optional services offered to potential BD clients are
• business development classifieds, directly related to business development such as acquisitions, venture capital, loans and / or partnerships,
• escrow service intermediary services including dispute mediator.

Note that our associated consultants are NOT (import / export) traders or purchasing distributors, but offer business development services and are therefore normally hired on the basis of;
• a contract fixed or recurring fee (based on day / hour rate),
• plus reimbursement of expenses,
• plus an optional success commission fee.

GBDA is a business activity of Consultdustry / Stultiens Project & Management, a privately held company located in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. (Amsterdam Chamber of Commerce registration 33291973).