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Global Business Development Alliance

Local Sales Representatives

GBDA consultants can be your local sales representative or sales business development agent, a functional affordable option, for being your local / country satellite sales as well as a business representative office or a branch office.

As a sales representative / business agent, our members provide
• local and regional market knowledge (researching & planning),
• local and regional market existence (promoting & advertising),
• preliminary and also minimal sales effort (initiating [only]), and as well
• a complete sales office, focusing on sales and concentrating on a fast access to (large) accounts (operating).

The 4 stages of Sales Representative Services
In this approach we have actually split sales representation / business representative services in the formerly pointed out 4 stages of
• research & plan,
• promote & advertise,
• initiate and
• operate.

Business to Business (B2B) & Business to Consumer (B2C)
GBDA independent consultants provide these sales representative / business agent services for the subsequent markets;
• Business to Business (B2B segment), these are;
– sales existence, as start-up or developing phase as setting up a local branch company will certainly be too risky and/or too expensive,
– sales representing in a segment of typically low sales quantity however still with high prices and attractive margins,
– public or closed tenders on projects and also indirect sales, where basically pre-qualifications are required or do have a long lead time,
– private direct sales will most likely be restricted to basic material or manufactured products,
– the line of product and sales procedures will be.
-- direct sales: manufactured products, basic material.
-- indirect sales: government purchases, maintenance & repair service, operating supplies.
-- projects sales: capital goods (capex/investments), public private partnerships and services
• Business to Consumer (B2C segment), these is;
– growth and “sales void” management, progressively organizing a local sales framework, as ultimately the principal client desires
–- because of the usually low margins and high sales quantity – to set up an own local branch company or to establish a partnership as for example an Joint Venture.
– the line of products as well as sales procedures will certainly be
-- sales procedures such as channels, dealerships / distributor networks.

Benefits of Hiring a Sales Representative
The benefits of hiring an sales representative / business sales agent are:
• direct availability of the business representative service,
• attainable for all potential principal customers (for investors, Small Medium Enterprises (SME), slim product line firms to Multi-National Companies,
• extremely effective to manage (by the principal customer),
• utilizing shared services offers higher market coverage and multiple business links,
• advice in understanding of local business culture,
• understanding and also progressed market experience and knowledge,
• entry to new markets and clients and consumers,
• targets as well as timeframes can be set – and by doing this, the expenses and risk are considered and acceptable,
• preventing huge financial investments and setup expenses (as a subsidiary is not warranted yet)
A sales representative / business agent is an excellent model for to acquire insights (market, regulations, administrative and economic demands) and to carry out advertising and marketing, generate leads and business contacts such as liaisons and various other non-transactional operations.

Disadvantage of Hiring a Sales Representative
Feasible negative aspects of hiring a sales representative / business agent could be;
• not having total overall control,
• principal client not being realistic regarding target as well as sales outcomes,
• misfit in managerial style, business development strategy, sales methods and/or individual empathy,
• ownership of customer connections, accounts and other partnerships;
- are they transferable to client principal or the sales representative obtains the preference?

Partnership Client / Sales Representative
Some recommendations for a successful and effective cooperation with hired sales representative / business agent we want to mention are;
• simply fundamental time blocking and tackling, be dedicated and support your hired sales representative and also do not lose track,
• established a mutually-agreed-upon expectations and objectives,
• give sufficient assistance, as when marketing & sales activities do increase;
- your sales representative will need backing of customer services, tender procedures and quotations, technical and marketing specifications and requirements as well as tailoring by engineering and design,
• usually neglected however define sales training and joint sales calls for the location and region,
• and also define and allocate funds to the mentioned 4 sales representative stages of research & plan, promote & advertise, initiate and operate.

Sales Representative – Operational Activities
A common following action is to formulate a strategic and operational plan of activities, that includes, to name a few;
• research& plan; choose and prioritize
- selecting the appropriate country or region,
- check cost of doing and operate a business,
- know the right (business) people,
- understand the competition,
- select the appropriate partner,
- understand the possible obstacles,
- know and act to the business regulation,
• determine prospective points of market entry,
• specify and plan market strategy,
• find the market gap, specify competitive edge,
• define the mix of marketing and advertising components;
- prices,
- promotion; specifically for market entry, this will be most costly and time consuming,
- sponsor events.
- get publicity in the right media, journals, etc.,
- join business organizations / employers’ organizations,
- participate in business meetings, conferences, seminars, exhibitions, events, and so on,
- invite prospective clients to the head office or organize other company tours,
- establishing a periodic newsletter,
- distribution.
• establish, if intended, (regional) business collaborations
• however, all planning activities should consistently be revenue-driven.

Costs of Hiring a Sales Representative
The contract costs of hiring GBDA sales representative / business agent services are
• usually on the basis of a fixed (retained) fee, compensation of expenses and also a commission success fee,
• in situations of business development in a particular region without existing sales, the preference will be a regular monthly “region development fee”,
• if the independent sales representatives have to invest their time into a lengthy sales cycle to establish accounts, they most likely wish to have an exclusive area rights and on top of that a sales commission whereat the level of already existing and future sales commissions will certainly depend as well as based upon contribution of operational expense and/or regular monthly “region development fee”,
• pre-contract queries of client principal are without obligations and responsibilities and also some pioneering to estimate expected success rate are clearly at the cost of concerned associated consultant.

Satellite Sales Activity (independent sales representative) or a Representative Office or a Branch Office
A satellite sales activity like an independent sales representative / business agent are commonly inaccurately perceived as a Representative Office or a Branch Office. There is an overlap, however the last 2 organizational structures are based upon a different business model and have also another obligation and commitment} as the hiring a sales representative services as our independent consultants offer. Concerning a Representative Office or a Branch Office, client principals can use our BD-consultant for additional knowledge and capacity and also they are able to assist in setting up and the formal registration of such an office.
Basically there are mainly – depending upon the local regulation ! – the following distinction;
• Representative Office
– is a registered business (legal entity by country regulation}, less regulate compare to an office,
– represents the foreign parent business,
– is not permitted to purchase or sell products or offer services,
– might take part in contracts and agreements on behalf of its foreign parent business company, however no contracts and agreements closure on its own,
– has the ability to lease an office and employ local personnel (often through local labor brokers and also by unique employment setups), but commonly foreign staff numbers could be limited,
– company tax obligation and company revenue tax obligation will commonly be chargeable based upon the operating expense,
– reduced capital investments and less required expense over a particular time frame.
• Branch Office
– is a registered firm (legal entity by national legislation).
– operates as a commercial representative office however has extended functions as it
– generate direct revenue locally
– can be participating in business concepts and solutions like, investing, trading and also production in selected markets
– required capital funding depends upon kind of and size of business
– but most likely will have constraints to foreign personnel in work permits and authorizations
– other ownership constraint could be enforced
Detailed information, legal support as well as company registration can be given by our local experts; members of Global Business Development Alliance – select your independent sales representative / sales agent here

Code of Ethics
By complying with a “Code of Sales Agent / Business Representative” our associated consultants intend to create a clear, professional, effective and reliable sales contracting services for clients on a most cost-efficient way.