Rahul Roy Chowdhury, Finance & Tax Consulting

Global Business Development Alliance

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Rahul Roy Chowdhury
founder & director

Region : ASIA - South Asia
Country : India
State : East India - main city: Kolkata - states: Bihar, West Bengal, Orissa, Jharkand
Main Service : Finance & Tax Consulting
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Other Services
Asset Intervention & Facility Management
Business Planning
Business Setup & Registration Consulting
Capital Funds & Investment Brokerage
Commissioning & Expediting Management
Industry Sector
Agriculture, Forestry & Livestock
Arts & Performances
Athletics & Sports
No Specific Sector

Contact Information
Company Name : SSCA
Telephone : 25627664
GSM : 9830337753
IM Messenger : Facebook
IM Account : rahulbhai
Company Address
Street : 123, herison road123
Street Zip : 700127
City : kolkata
Country : India
Postbox : Naihati, 700127

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