Title Service

Global Business Development Alliance



Business Development Service by (Local) Associates
Potential customers are invite to contact direct our associates



Set Up



Market Research & Feasibility Studies

Business Setup & Registration Consulting

Local Sales Representatives



Portfolio &  Pricing


Distribution Channels



Purchase & Contact Management

Regulatory Compliance


Process Design


Commissioning & Expediting Management


Financial Modelling & Valuations

Asset Intervention  & Facility Management


Logistics & Freight Forwarding Management


Market Entry Plan


Outsourcing & Sourcing (pre)-Selecting




Marketing & Branding



Mergers & Acquisitions



Partnerships (Pre)-Selecting




Capital Funds & Investment Brokerage




Staffing / HRM



Business Planning



Interim Executive Management



Finance & Tax Consulting



Legal Consulting


GBDA office services

• (pre)-Screening and selecting of associates
• Promoting and marketing of GBDA 
• Manage GBDA back office
• Prepare and offering tenders  
• Providing information to customers
• Monitoring contracts
• Mobilizing teams for larger BD projects
• Supervision of large BD projects 
• Escrow intermediary services 
• Dispute mediator


GBDA principles

• Only independent contractors, seasoned BD consultants  
• Meaningful, mutually beneficial connections 
• Entrepreneurial spirit 
• Project results and customer satisfaction 
• Collaborative mind-set 
   (motivated to invest in GBDA network relationships) 
• Commitment to excellence
• Accountable
• Reputation & ethics
   (honest, trustworthy, faithful, righteous) 

• Law abiding
• Respect & concern for others
   (clients, colleagues and stakeholders)

Customer Benefits

• Access to pre-screened, selected BD consultants 
   (proven track record) 
• Independent contractors: engaged & perform better
   (committed top quality)
• Appropriate, economic BD contracting solutions
   (cost effective)
• Access to seasoned expertise
   (in relevant discipline & industry)
• Global coverage
• Local expertise
• Tangible procedures; transparent, focused and pragmatic

• Added value; results, clever low-cost & creative methods
• In close consultation with & in respect for the customer
• Noncommittal tenders
• Direct personal contact & contracts
• Flexible deployment
• Support / assistance of GBDA directors & back-office  
• Complementary services and specialists available
• BD guidance and information
• Monitoring contracts – progress & result (optional)
• Able to mobilizing of teams (optional)
• Able to supervise large projects (optional)
• Escrow service intermediary services (optional) 

Associates Benefits

• Membership of a distinct association
• Global reach & local representation
• Better and additional BD services & knowledge
• Cooperation in sales
   (optional, members themselves)
• Project collaboration & outsourcing
   (larger projects, act as an intermediary)
• On-site promotion & publicity
• Profiling & reputation
• Customizable additional services by GBDA
• Able to offer customers project guarantee
   (monitoring, escrow by GBDA)
• Definitely decisive entrepreneur
• Very modest membership fee
• Free use of classifieds and articles
• Fundamental service concepts