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Interested to join GBDA ?
•read first this page, do you recognize yourself in the profile and expect that an eventual membership will pays off – send than your application.
And if you have some queries – just contact us, we will be pleased to start a conversation to get to know each other better.

Our experience and motives
• building relationships with colleagues and potential partners, requires a structure such as a specific platform. Most networks are too extensive, not sufficiently specific or customer-unfriendly.
• collaborations start with helping others, sharing and finding joint business opportunities. In short; it is investing in relationships, but unfortunately most networks primary act in terms of “what is now in for me”, remain impersonal and lose attention in the follow-up.
• a professional, global network / platform for independent / self-employed consultants focusing on specific services are rarely available. Possibly because often such an initiative lacks a purely commercial basis.

All things considered and assuming that our respected customers would be better served with a global network of BD professionals and to counterbalance the large consultancy firms, we are making day by day the investment in GBDA.
We emphatically state, GBDA is not a franchise nor a MLM, but a private initiative and we provide like-minded independent consultants with a similar approach in profession and entrepreneurship an ability to connect with one another.

Member Profile GBDA – Associated Consultants
• independent / self-employed or owner of a small boutique consultancy firm (less than 5 employees)
• being an consultant, paid by a contract fee (not a buying agent or trader or MLM!)
• specialized in business developments assignments / projects
• seasoned, minimal 10 years’ experience with a proven track record
• represent a concrete, pragmatic and results-oriented approach (doers, as we are not Fortune 500 boardroom counsellors)
• loyal to the principles of GBDA
• practical experienced doers, task executing consultants (our main role is not strategy / boardroom counsellors)

Benefits Membership of GBDA
• global reach & local representation
– exchange projects, contacts or keep the lead and act as principal / intermediary for your existing customers who are in need for BD services elsewhere (split fee)
• better and additional BD services & knowledge
– access to and expansion of own services through the use of specialized colleagues and members access to knowledge, verification, review and advise
• project collaboration & outsourcing
– share and cooperate for better use of resources and skills, also the ability to accept larger projects as a team
• on-site promotion & publicity
– a high ranked website with a personally made member-profile with contact options, beyond this members may post articles and brochures; a detailed presentation for potential customers (participate in this as share content is a successful strategy). Moreover, we generate leads through our BD classifieds and chat online contact (if sufficient resources/members 24 hrs/week-days).
• profiling & reputation
– are distinctive by being a member of a union, have references from professional colleagues and benefit from joint marketing effort.
• client guarantee extension services
on request – based on a to be determined cost compensation – GBDA is able to supervise large projects and offer escrow service intermediary services including dispute mediation.
• decisive entrepreneur
– remain your own boss, you will determine yourself all contracts and conditions, and regulate the collaborative agreements between you and fellow members
• very modest membership fee
– cost-effective, our added value to members is present and contributions should not be an obstacle, then again we can only exist by membership contributions.
The combination of local presence with an extended global reach provided by the GBDA network enables our members a competitive advantage to receive more leads, professional interaction, increase productivity, participate in more projects, generate increased revenue, and compete effectively with corporate business development consulting firms.

Membership Fee’s and Conditions
Membership is now for free – and a sponsor gift is appreciated – but note;
Upon reaching 100 members and only if the number of members exceeds this membership we will proceed to paid membership. In the near future we will charge;
• prospective member: application and enrolment fee for new applications, unconditionally outcome for admission US$ 99 (excl. VAT)
– note: we are free to reject prospective members without giving any justification!
• associates member charges; monthly US$ 19 or discounted subscription of 6 months at US$ 95 and 12 months at US$ 171 (all prices excluding VAT)
• for additional services, per occasion too to be agreed conditions
• GBDA unconditionally practice Member Terms & Conditions


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